Libraries this summer – SUMMER READING CHALLENGE

UK wide is the Summer Reading Challenge with an interactive website for children. Kids can chat anonymously to other  kids worldwide about the books they are reading.  See the Summer Reading Challenge page for more details, but the idea is to try and read 6 books over the summer holidays.  The way the weather is going it seems a great idea.

I’ll be at Tonbridge main library storytelling, and this is a whole lot more active than just reading a story. There will be bear hunts, drama, music and big gestures. The idea is to tell the story in a way that the children remembers and can then tell to someone else. We will be making story maps, a pictorial version of the story, and finally making our own story based on the original.

Making story sacks

The made story book and the original book will go into a material bag, along with ideas for addtional activities such as cooking for ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and ‘Kipper’s Kite’ is probably self explanatory.

The activity sessions are Mon- Thurs 10-12 and need to be booked in advance. Watch local paper for dates.