Hello, my name is Sharon Tringham

I offer dyslexia support  in the Tonbridge and West Kent area

Having had four children with dyslexia and struggling to get them the support they needed during Primary and Secondary school, I used what I had learned to train as a dyslexia tutor with Hornsby International (now part of Dyslexia Action) gaining the Hornsby SpLD diploma with Merit.

In addition to my SpLD (Specific Learning Difficulties) diploma, I hold BA (hons) of which the Foundation Degree was 2 years studying Learner Support, or how best to support all learners whatever their particular barriers to learning.  Prior to working with students with Special or Additional Educational Needs I was teaching students with English as a Foreign Language.  There is a suprising amount of overlap in there areas with regard to the way both sets of students like to learn.  It was here that I first found out I liked to personalise or design worksheets to ensure success rather than have worksheets that allowed confusion or failure.

I am a member of a number of organisations including:

PATOSS (The Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific learning difficulties)

The Kent West Dyslexia Association -  part of the British Dyslexia Association and great source of local information, meetings and resources.

The National Association of Handwriting

So because of all this I hope I am qualified as a parent and dyslexia tutor to help you find out what you what to know, to assist you in ensuring your child has the most appropriate support in school and to help you work with your child to make them successful in learning. Also all the aspects of dyslexia which can impact family life as well as the usual information on dyslexia assessment and tuition.

In the first instance please email if you have any questions or queries.

As well as individual tuition for dyslexia I have designed a Whole Class Handwriting Assessment which is used to look at handwriting speed and legibility in the classroom and also highlight those students likely to have dyslexia or motor difficulties. 

I love designing my own worksheets for general teaching, or ones that can be written for a particular child taking into account material that motivates them and helps them engage in learning. In the past I have designed teaching aids for the Hong Kong Association for Specific Learning Disabilities to teach English to students with dyslexia or to help them acquire cursive writing.

Watch this space for news on computerised dyslexia screening and cognitive profiling report  for Primary age children age 4-11 years for around £60

Sharon Tringham

BA (hons), FDA Learner Support, SpLD Dip. (Hornsby)

Member of PATOSS, K.W.D.A and The National Handwriting Association.