Dyslexia Links

There are many sites on the internet offering advice about dyslexia or SpLD -Specific Learning Difficulties (dyslexia) as it is now being referred to. A word of warning though, while the information given may be sound, many sites are just offering a service, at a price. Any one of these solutions may or may not help you or your child as every child with dyslexia has their own unique combination of difficulties. Dyslexia is as individual as the person it affects!

Indications of dyslexia http://www.bdadyslexia.org.uk/indications.html

Frequently asked questions http://www.bdadyslexia.org.uk/about-dyslexia/faqs.html
National Handwriting Association http://www.nha-handwriting.org.uk/
Helping people with dyslexia get the best from ICT http://www.dyslexic.com
Proactive campaigning & the SEN Tribunal process for those with dyslexia http://www.sendist.gov.uk/
Free newsletter and latest information about dyslexia worldwide with separate online help sections for parents, teachers and classroom assistants. http://www.dyslexia-teacher.co.uk/
Unbiased information? Also includes the opportunity to change page colour to suit. http://www.channel4.com/life/microsites/D/dyslexia/
Dyscalculia – difficulties in Math explained http://www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise/tutors/expertcolumn/dyscalculia/
– Dyscalculia http://www.standards.dfes.gov.uk/primary/faqs/inclusion/56233/
– All other queries (Use the search and selection utility at) http://www.standards.dfes.gov.uk
Information for Adults with dyslexia http://www.futurenet.co.uk/charity/ado/adomenu/adomenu.htm
Art & dyslexia http://www.rmplc.co.uk/orgs/nellalex/